UltraNut™ Launch Creates High Sales Activity

UltraNut-UltraBolt Product LineSince the first trial installations, the UltraNut™ has proven to be a successful and popular Engineered Innovation from the Excel Engineering Team. The streamlined installation and removal process is saving customers time, by reducing what was originally a four-man, three-hour job to a one-man, one-hour job. With every additional installation, this forward-thinking design is proving successful in different configurations and applications. The UltraNut is part of Excel’s Jack Bolt Tensioning Series of specially designed locking nuts and locking bolts for cone and gyratory crushers.

Design Engineer Phil Hopping is the lead designer for this project, which was originally a one-piece casting, but has now is a 65-piece assembly (click here to learn more details). The initial concept of the UltraNut was to eliminate the use of a heavy pendulum-swung hammer, or other violent and dangerous methods, to loosen the head nut when it is time for a liner change. This new design also eliminates the need for a torch ring and the oxy-acetylene torch-cutting to remove it during liner changes. Our engineers developed multiple 3D concepts for discussion. When a single solution was refined, the sales team was consulted, and minor changes were made to the concept. Assembly, installation, and removal documents have since been drafted and refined with customer input. Due to the initial success of the UltraNut, additional designs have been finalized for the MP1000™, MP1250™, and 60×89 Gyratory crushers. A recent addition to accompany the UltraNut is the UltraBolt™ for the HP® Series cone crushers. Using the same key features, these Excel Innovations will hopefully be recognized as industry standards.

ultranut-256Since these two products were “officially launched,” customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. Excel has received over 40 quotation requests and four more units have been sold to the mining operation in Arizona, where the first-article testing took place, for their MP800™, as well as another unit to a southwestern operation, also for an MP800. According to Chris Toews, Global Sales Director, “Currently, our engineering team has several new UltraNut assemblies to design to meet the demands that the market is clearly expressing through the RFQ’s we are receiving. This is going to be a very popular product for us, but more importantly, effective for our customers.” Congratulations to Phil and the design team on their collaborative effort to turn a wide-spread problem with conventional crushers into a successful Excel Engineered Innovation.

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